Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Universe, A short introduction

What comes to your mind when someone says universe? Vastness of space and time taking you nowhere to the infinity or the very basic fundamental subatomic particle yet unknown to man.
In this article i will give you the most basic idea about the universe, centuries ago man used to wonder how vast the sky is what are these shinning heavenly bodies in the sky?
As the time goes along we have innovated ourselves, invented telescope and figured out that we are not alone in the universes there are other planets circling the sun and the solar system became known to us which is very very vast itself.

Decades later came Sir Edwin Hubble,
This guy changed our perspective about how we used to look at the universe by aiming the powerful new weapon at the sky the mighty hooker telescope (2,500mm). Hubble saw that small patches of blurry sky are not gas clusters but the entire galaxies which can carry billion of starts

Above is the image of Andromeda galaxy, the closest galaxy to earth has about 1 Trillion Stars
and  it is 2538,000 light years away.

300 to 400 billion are the estimated number of stars in our own milky way galaxy, our Sun is one of them. Unfortunately its seems like we will never going to see the picture of milky way in this life because we live inside it and the edge of the galaxy is estimated to be 25,000 light years away.

Suppose this spiral galaxy illustrated above is milky way then our solar system is some where around near the arrow pointer. The closest star to earth beside our own sun is about 24,000,000,000,000 miles away, and there are about 300 to 400 billion stars in our galaxy.

What is a light year?
Traveling with the speed of light for exactly about one year. the total distance covered will be measured as 1 light year, this makes exactly 5865,696,000,000 miles that's a long way to go.

The universe is filled with not thousands but about one hundred and fifty billion galaxies just talking about facts Hubble also discovered these galaxies are moving further apart from each other and according to modern science, the universe is still expanding and expanding to the infinity, that makes me wonder how vast the universe is and who knows if this is the only universe that exists or if there is a whole range of multiverse, beside many physicists believes in multiverse theory.

The computing half of this blog

My name is Muhammad Ahmed , and I will be coming up with stuff that will be associated with computing and programming .

I have stumbled upon studying computer code , as a means to understand how other things in nature work. One thing is true , and you cannot negate it . The universe is an astute example of a code , so nicely written , so error free , and so mature and so incredibly complex that it would take 22 infinite years for us to get a hand on that.

However what I do is small what similar , just scale it down to a millionith of a micrometer. I program computers. This way I get to appreciate the fact that just moving one bit from one register to another (assembly days) took so much efforts, what would it be like to write a code that would implement the water cycle ? .

Or what if I have to write a system of self conversation , or write a system which controls the clouds , the storms , the hurricanes such that there is no error , and all storms happen organically , rather then in a artificially created way dictated by a mathametical equation .
What if I were to write a code that implements a tree from its life to death and implementing methods like createFruit() and invokePhotosynthesis() ?.

I cherish this. But what do I get from that ?. I get a reassurance about the power of the tool I use. I know for a fact that there is a code for the tree; I cannot write that because I am not such a Programmer however I can do other trivial tasks. This is the same feeling a toddler would get , when he attempts to create a car out his legos . He knows that at his age , at 3 years old he can never create a car, yet the fasicination of creating objects with his blocks doesn't cease to be . 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Who is Raza Siddique?

A little introduction about myself 
My educational career says that i am a chemical technologist but i have never been a chemical technologist in any industry, instead i have been through food production, research and development internships in food industries and then finally i am a farm manager in the field of agriculture.

Growing up in a country like Pakistan you are never certain about your career with faculties like chemical, mechatronics, petroleum electronics etc although you can see the scope within the county unless you'er very very rich, you'er a son/daughter of some minister/x-minster/politician or you'er exceptional; not blaming country for my failure this is just a part of my story.

When it comes to writing, i am not a professional blogger i know people in my circle who are really passionate about blogging and most of them i believe are the people with higher I.Q so this is my effort in order to be one step closer to them.Since when i was a child i always wondered about how things really works in terms of physics so mainly i will be writing about bizarre things we cannot bypass and they really exist in our daily life although i plan to writing about some general stuff as well.
i will appreciate if you people will follow my write-ups and show your concern by writing back to me and share your wonderful blogs i would love to read.
This is all about me
Raza Siddique